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Philipp Koltsov - Member of the Union of Composers of Russian Federation, Honored Artist of the RNO, Cavalier of the Order
for Service to the Culture, Cavalier of the Order of the Volunteer's Honor, National Glory of Russia awards winner

Part of "Mozart Variations" - Philipp Koltsov new album "Very Fast!" demo (2012)

Philipp Koltsov's "Art Rock & Fusion" (2006) album preview

Philipp Koltsov's keyboards solo

Philipp Koltsov's "Very Fast" album preveiw (recorded in 1979, digitally remastered in 2012)

PHILIPP KOLTSOV'S SYNTH TOOLS COLLECTION (Demos, patches, banks, manuals)

(You are welcome to download and use this files in any needs. Collection is absolutely free. All files are personally checked and viruses free.)

1. Various synths demos performed by Philipp Koltsov

Clavia Nord Stage demo - Philipp Koltsov's improvising Rhodes Mark II part1

Clavia Nord Stage demo - Philipp Koltsov's improvising Rhodes Mark II part2

Clavia Nord Stage demo - Philipp Koltsov's improvising Rhodes Mark II part3

Clavia Nord Stage demo - Chopin scherzo #2 (Yamaha grandpiano)

Clavia Nord Stage demo - Schubert, Beethoven & Mozart small compillation

Clavia Nord Stage demo - Song by Irakere (Rhodes Mark I)

Clavia Nord Stage demo - "Crystal silence" by Chick Corea (Rhodes Mark I)

Real Fender-Rhodes 73 demo - "Crystal silence" by Chick Corea

Real Fender-Rhodes 73 & various Electro-Harmonix pedals demo

Real Fender-Rhodes 73 & various Electro-Harmonix pedals plus Sansamp demo

Real Fender-Rhodes 73 & various Electro-Harmonix pedals plus Sansamp demo

Fender-Rhodes 73 + Minimoog + Oberheim OB3 organ

Fender-Rhodes 73 + Minimoog + Oberheim OB3 organ

Clavia Nord Stage demo - "Weather report" song (wurlitzer)

Kurzweil 250 RMX Grandpiano demo

Kurzweil MP10 demo

Peavey DPM Spectrum bass & Ketron SD2

Roland SH 1000 demo

E-mu E6400 piano demo

Roland JV-1010 demo

MOOG Rogue clean and with EH double muff

Korg Triton demo 1 (film score part)

Korg Triton demo 2 (film score part)

Novation Nova vocoder demo (film score part)

Korg Triton + Oberheim OB12 demo (film score part)

Kurzweil 2000 R demo (film score part)

Korg T3 + Korg M1 - Philipp Koltsov's Synth Concerto Part1

Korg T3 + Korg M1 - Philipp Koltsov's Synth Concerto Part2

Yamaha S90 (Nick Koltsov-jr. & his band)

Korg T3 + Korg DS8 leads demo (film score part)

E-mu Classic keys & Roland W30 drum line demo

Ensoniq TS10 demo (part of stadium show)

Ensoniq TS10 + Korg T3 demo (part of stadium show)

Edirol Superquartet Rhodes + real fretless bass & throat singing

Korg DS8 demo (part of stadium show)

Korg DW8000 solo 1 demo

Korg DW8000 solo 2 demo

Oberheim OB12 demo 1

Oberheim OB12 demo 2

Oberheim OB12 demo 3

Oberheim OB12 demo 4

Oberheim OB12 demo 5

Oberheim OB12 demo 6

Oberheim OB12 demo 7

Oberheim OB12 mix demo 1 (part of stadium show)

Oberheim OB12 mix demo 2 (part of stadium show)

Oberheim Matrix brass demo

Roland Juno 6 demo pad

Roland D-110 demo 1

Roland D-110 demo 2

Quasimidi Raven demo pad

YAMAHA SK10 organ demo

YAMAHA SK10 strings demo

YAMAHA SK10 brass demo

Korg Polysix lead demo

Casio CZ1 & Dynacord TAM 21

Hohner electromelodika & Kurzweil MP10

Yamaha VL70m & Yamaha WX5 (Spyro Gyra)

2. Synth patches, sound banks, Cakewalk ins, manuals, factory discs collection

(Korg DS8, Sequential Circuits Sixtrak, E-mu Classic Keys, Crumar Bit99 (Crumar Bit01), Korg DW8000 (DW6000), Kurzweil2000, Roland Juno106, Roland Juno6, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha TX7, Technosaurus Microcon, Yamaha DX100, Kawai K4, Oberheim Matrix1000, Korg MS2000, Oberheim OB12, Novation Nova, E-mu Proteus, Quasimidi Quasar, Alesis Quadrasynth S4, Korg T3, Yamaha TX802, Yamaha TX81Z (Yamaha DX11), Yamaha DX21, Waldorf Micro Q, MOOG Rogue, Oberheim OB3 /Hammond B3, Korg Poly 61, Alesis 3630,Roland SH-1000,Alesis Nanobass,Roland JX3P,ARP OMNI,Access Virus rack,Tascam DA-20 mkII, Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000, Pioneer SR-202W, Yamaha CS5, Yamaha MDX-793, Hohner Melodica, Yamaha DD55c, Alesis Quadraverb 2, Kawai K1, Korg Prophecy, E-mu 6400 classic, Roland JV 1080, Roland MC-505, Yamaha DD55, Clavia Nord Lead 2, Roland DM-800, GEM Eqionox, Kurzweil MP10 )


Korg DS-8 Philipp Koltsov's custom patches (syx)

SCI Sixtrak Philipp Koltsov's custom patches (syx)

E-mu Classic keys synth-all stuff & patches (syx)

E - mu Classic keys synth - owner's manual (pdf)

Crumar Bit 99 custom & factory patches (syx,mid)

Korg DW8000 cakewalk ins files / custom patches

Philipp Koltsov's custom DX7\TX7 bank (.mid file )

Another nice custom DX7 \ TX802 bank( mid file )

Yamaha DX7\TX7 collection of patches (5 mb zip)

Novation Nova - various patches collection ( syx )

Nova laptop:OS 4.1,Supernova soundset & manual

Gem Equinox latest os, Sonar ins, studioware panel

Yamaha DX-100/21 various custom patches (syx)

Korg Poly 61 synthesizer factory patches (wavs )

Kawai K4R synthesizer factory bank/patches (syx)

Kawai K4 synthesizer assorted stuff+editor(5.4Mb)

Oberheim Matrix - 1000 factory & custom patches

Clavia Nord stage user patches ( syx , nspg , rar )

Korg MS - 2000 Cakewalk ins files & patches (syx)

Korg Prophecy solo synthesizer owner's manual-pdf

Korg Prophecy solo synthesizer Cakewalk ins (zip )

Kurzweil - 2000, 2000R, 2000VR factory discs(krz)

Oberheim OB - 12 factory & custom patches (syx)

Oberheim OB12 latest OS 1.52 & DSP system files

E-mu Proteus 1 all stuff - patches, programms etc

Quasimidi Quasar patches from German sites (mid)

Korg T3 all data patches, programms,combinations

Yamaha TX802 (DX7 ton generator) patches (syx)

Yamaha TX802 synth module owner's manual (pdf)

Yamaha TX81Z (DX11 ton generator)patches(syx)

Roland Juno106 synthesizer owner ' s manual (pdf)

Roland Juno6 Superstrings patch,patch sheet,docs

Waldorf Micro Q factory and custom patches (syx)

Roland Juno106 synthesizer factory patches (wav)

Technosaurus Microcon synth owner's manual(pdf)

Alesis Quadrasynth S 4 Philipp Koltsov custom bank

Alesis Quadrasynth patches(12 banks in syx format)

OBERHEIM OB3/Hammond B3 drawbar settings (txt)

Alesis 3630 compressor/limiter owner's manual (pdf)

MOOG Rogue schematics , patch sheet and manual

Roland JX3p synth owner's manual/factory patches

Access Virus rack classic all stuff (syx, pdf,txt,mid)

Arp Omni Mark II strings/synthesizer owner's manual

Korg DW8000 synthesizer owner's manual(PDF ZIP )

Tascam DA-20 mkII DAT owner's manual & all stuff.

Quasimidi Quasar synthesizer owner's manual ( pdf )

Crumar BIT - 99 synthesizer owner's manual ( pdf )

Pioneer SR-202W reverb combinations panel ( jpg )

Yamaha CS5 monophonic synthesizer owners manual

How to play & how to tune Hohner melodica (HTML)

Yamaha MDX - 793 MD recorder overveiw & manual

Yamaha DD55c digital Drum Pro as a midi-controller

SCI Prophet 2000 owner's manual & shematics (pdf)

Kawai K -1 ( original model ) owner's manual ( pdf )

Emulator E6400 classic EOS owner's manual(pdf-zip)

Roland jv1080 synth owner's manual,various pdf files

Roland MC-505 Cakewalk ins ( instrument definition)

Yamaha DD 55 Cakewalk ins ( instrument definition )

Clavia Nord Lead 2 manual - (pdf) & Cakewalk ins file

Roland DM800 digital workstation owner's manual-pdf

Alesis Quadraverb 2 owner's manual & user programs

3. Free synth owner's manuals on-line - copy and paste this links,30,0,0,1,0

4. Synth sites in the WEB


Harmony Central


Synth Museum

Vintage Synth Explorer

Все фонограммы на сайте приведены неполностью, воспроизводятся в непрофессиональном
формате mp3, в записи умышленно внесен исключающий возможность их коммерческого
использования артефакт , потому они могут быть использованы в ознакомительных целях

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