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Philipp Koltsov - Member of the Union of Composers of Russian Federation, Honored Artist of Russia, Cavalier of the Order
for Service to the Culture, Cavalier of the Order of the Volunteer's Honor, National Glory of Russia awards winner

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Philipp Koltsov's "Art Rock & Fusion" (2006) album preview

Philipp Koltsov. La finestra (2017)


Minimoog & Dynacord processors

Kurzweil 250, 1200 pro, Panasonic DAT, Presonus ACP88, Yamaha RX5, Korg & DOD processors

Fender-Rhodes Seventy Three electric piano & Kurzweil PC361

Oberheim S.E.M. & Dynacord processors

Yamaha TX7 x3

Moog Minimoog Voyager Performer edition

Studio Electronics ATC-1 synthesizer with MOOG filter

Roland MKS-20

Kurzweil 1200 Pro 1

Dynacord TAM 21 axis modulation vintage analog processor

Dynacord MDL-10 multi effect processor

Dynacord DRP-16 reverb processor

Yamaha RX5

Oberheim SEM PRO & E-MU Morpheus

Oberheim SEM PRO synthesizer & E-MU Morpheus

Oberheim SEM PRO synthesizer

Oberheim SEM PRO synthesizer

Oberheim SEM PRO synthesizer

Oberheim SEM PRO synthesizer

Oberheim SEM PRO synthesizer & Oberheim OB3

MOOG Minimoog Voyager RME & Clavia Nord Stage

MOOG Minimoog Voyager RME

Peavey DPM Spectrum Bass synthesizer

Kurzweil 2500 RS & Yamaha FB01

Roland SH-09 & Moog Rogue

Texas Instruments 4000m laptop

Vintage american Electro-voice mic

Vintage american Shure Unispere mic

Vintage american Shure Unidyne mic

Senheizer HD 600, Senheizer 280 Pro, AKG K99 Pro, Sony & Unversum headphones

extremely rare grand piano Grosspielsch Breslau (1850)

small "jazz" mobile setup

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